How to wash and nourish thin hair?

beauty.jpgMany women can admit that they are not happy with the volume an density of their hair. Such hair type causes many problems because of the fact that without a proper haircut and care, it quickly loses volume, becomes flat and it is far from a spectacular look.

Thin hair that lacks volume, requires special treatment. We would like to present a handful of information to help you overcome the problem and make your wisps unbelievably lightweight and voluminous. 

– wash it gently: thin hair does not tolerate strong and energetic motions.

– shampoos tend to be filled with huge amounts of silicons and parabens. Before applying it on your hair, mix it with a small amount of water.

– not to weight hair down – do not apply your shampoo on the lower parts of your strands. The lather flowing down while washing your scalp will deal with the hair on the entire length.

– when using a towel – do not rub it vigorously, simply wrap it and gently squeeze to get rid of excess water.

– the selection of a towel is extremely important when it comes to thin hair. Make sure to buy a towel made of microfiber or soft cotton cloth.

– if you have a lot of time and you do not have to go anywhere, allow your hair to air-dry, combing it from time to time using a comb with wide teeth, or simply run your fingers through it.

– thin hair are more likely to become damaged – therefore, you must provide it with additional nourishment. The best solution is to reach for natural oils that will protect it against mechanical damages. You do not have to oil your entire head, however, securing the ends with a coat of oil is absolutely necessary.

– when blow-drying, do not set it on the highest level because it will only tangle your strands. The air flow should be gentle and cool.

– if you want your hair to gain volume – dry it with your head facing downwards.

Good luck!