How to choose hair shampoo? See the composition and find your type!

Mindful women know, that it is not the shampoo what determines condition of the hair. It is much more important whether we use right conditioning cosmetics (hair oils, conditioners, hair masks). Unfortunately, the truth is somewhere in between. Also while cleansing hair we can cause the damage by choosing wrong shampoo, that, e.g contains wrong substances.

Hair wash is the base of hair care. Getting rid of dust, excess sebum (in right amount it is essential to the hair) and residues of stylisation cosmetics of hair and scalp is necessary. Only clean and fresh hair have unlimited accesses to oxygen and it is easier for them to absorb nourishing ingredients. Dirt can have extremely unfavourable impact.

Hair shampoos have most of all cleansing function. However, modern technologies allow to complement them with some valuable nourishing ingredients. This is why available hair shampoos can also condition hair and scalp. Therefore, the choice of right shampoo can be more difficult, these days.

Hair shampoo ingredients

When choosing the perfect shampoo accordingly to the needs of hair you must take into consideration their current condition. You can then analyse the composition based on the needs. Nonetheless, there is a set of ingredients, which are going to be favourable to all hair types.

What should perfect shampoo contain?

  • – ceramides (protect hair against dryness);
  • – protein, e.g. collagen, keratin (support hair growth);
  • – panthenol, or provitamin B5 (regenerates and calms irritations);
  • – vitamins A and E (protect against UV radiation);
  • – natural vegetable oils (moisturise, smoother, protect, provide gloss);
  • – herbal extracts (have medicinal properties, regulate work of sebaceous glands).

Of course, beside substances with valuable properties you can find in shampoos also these unfavourable to the hair. There is less of them, but you should stay away from them. Firstly, they disrupt action of natural substances and make absorption more difficult. Secondly, they can cause dryness and weight hair down, which in consequence leads to weakening them.

What should you avoid in cosmetics for hair wash?

  • – harmful alcohols, like: Alcohol (denat.), Benzyl Alcohol, Ethyl Alcohol;
  • – heavy silicones, like: Simethicone, Trimethicone, Trimethylsilozysilicates;
  • – foaming ingredients, like: SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate);
  • – mineral oils, like: Mineral Oil, Paraffin Oil, Petrolatum, Vaselinum Flavum.