Scalp cleanse. How to do it correctly?

scalp-peeling.jpgTrichologists confirm that the key to beautiful and healthy hair is also scalp cleanse. The hair care alone is very important and you shouldn’t forget about it. However, if scalp is not clean, then the care does not provide such magnificent effects as you may expect. How to wash the hair to cleanse scalp?

Clean scalp is a secret of effective care. All the dirt, dust, sebum or residues of stylisation cosmetics that settle at the roots, make it difficult for active substances to enter follicles. Therefore, the hair care does not provide the best effects. Valuable nourishing ingredients are lost somewhere on hair, instead of getting directly to the hair bulbs. This is why scalp cleanse is of such relevance.

[1] Before proceeding with hair wash, sacrifice a moment to thoroughly comb out hair. Of course, owners of curly and wavy hair shouldn’t comb out hair prior to hair wash, but in any other case it is highly recommended. Combing will help distribute applied before hair wash conditioner or hair oil. Additional massage with the brush can speed up absorption of nourishing substances and the pins remove all the pollution and dead skin cells. Besides, combed out hair tangle less and wash much better.

[2] Before you start washing your hair you should think about how to prepare scalp for cleanse. It is important to even wet hair and skin, which can either slower or speed up hair wash. The impact on it has, e.g. water temperature. Too cold water will make scalp cleanse more difficult, because build up at roots dirt and sebum will dissolve much harder. On the other hand, too hot water can cause other damages, because it stimulates excess sebum secretion.

The golden mean is just warm water

[3] Only this way prepared hair can be washed. Effective scalp cleanse is such performed with, e.g. mug technique. A bit of shampoo dilute in water and then pour it on hair. Washing hair this way provides better effects and limits harmful impact of detergents. It is worth to mention that shampoo should be as delicate as it is possible. While washing hair it is important for the foam to be concentrated on the scalp, and only rinse down the hair length.

[4] During hair wash it is significant to remember about scalp massage, which is performed to stimulate blood circulation in skin. Thanks to the massage, nourishing ingredients, e.g. contained in hair conditioner faster get to the hair bulbs. What is more, delicate massage (not to energetic, to avoid pulling) will also clean scalp. The pressure of fingertips and circular motion can remove all the pollutions in even difficult to reach areas.

[5] When rinsing remove shampoo residues. Incorrectly rinsed hair are one of the causes for dandruff to appear. Thorough getting rid of shampoo allows to remove cosmetics and all the pollution of the scalp, that you were able to dissolve and remove. When rinsing you can also perform gentle massage. You may consider rinse hair with cold water to seal the hair cuticles.

[6] Once a week, or two you should proceed with scalp peeling. It is best to do it before shampoo and not to overdo with the treatments. You can switch between enzymatic and mechanical peels or just focus on the second one. Great in cleanse of scalp are, e.g. handmade sugar peels. Just mix sugar (or salt) with the conditioner, oil or shampoo. Such peeling allows to once awhile clean scalp. You need to remember that used too often can cause irritations.