Hair wash methods. See if you do it right!

Hair should be washed as often as they require it. Some need shampoo everyday, other are fine with once a week wash. No matter the requirements, we have to use the best cleansing products and implement the best hair wash methods. You don’t know what kind of methods? Check this brief manual on hair wash.

hair-wash.jpgWhat should you remember about when washing your hair?

The most important in hair wash is to use gentle shampoos that do not contain strong detergents (SLS or SLES). Washing substances get rid of sebum, that in right amount is necessary to skin. However, this causes defensive reaction and increased sebum secretion. It is also advised against use of cosmetics with silicones, which can only needlessly weight hair down.

The amount of shampoo you use is also a key matter. Just one portion of a hazelnut size is enough. It is best to wash hair with warm, but not hot water, which will not excessively stimulate sebaceous glands. Always after hair wash you need to remember to seal hair cuticles by rinsing hair with cold water. Nonetheless, of the greatest significance is hair wash method.

What are the methods of hair wash?

W – hair wash with shampoo

The most popular and at the same traditional method. You wet hair, then apply shampoo, which you massage in scalp and cause to foam and finally rinse it after few minutes of wash. The greatest advantage of this method is how fast it can be performed, because the entire thing takes just a moment and does not require additional treatments. Hair wash with shampoo has, however, one major flaw – hair deprived of lipid barrier are easier to tangle, are more subjected to damages and are more difficult in maintenance.

WC – wash + conditioner

This method is used almost as often as the previous one. After washing hair with shampoo and rinsing it, you apply conditioner with nourishing action. This prevents tangling, makes combing easier and provides protection. It is still pretty fast method, though not deprived of flaws. Hair are protected only after hair wash, but not prior to it.

CW – conditioner + wash

Hair method reverse to the previous one. First you apply conditioner, keep it on hair for a short while and only after you rinse it you proceed with hair wash. This method protects hair against harmful impact of shampoo, but does not provide any protection after you use the detergent and remove sebum. This hair wash method is fast, but entirely defeat the purpose.

CWC – condition-wash-condition

The most effective and gaining on the popularity hair wash method is CWC. It is combination of two previous methods. First step is nourishment with, for example hair conditioner, but it can be also hair oil or home made hair mask. It is important to use light product prior to hair wash. Then wash hair with shampoo and after rinsing it, move to application of more intense cosmetic. It can be another hair conditioner or mask, that you should leave on hair for about half an hour. CWC is a method requiring more time, but also providing the best effects.

Hair wash with conditioner

Perfect hair wash method for owners of natural curls is hair wash with conditioner. In this method you use conditioner just like a shampoo. However, you must remember that cosmetic should contain Cetrimonium Chloride and be free of silicones. It provides hair with nourishment, eliminates frizzing and cleanses. Unfortunately, frequent hair wash with this method can lead to oily scalp.