Ranking - hair oils collections

The appearance is in 90% determined by the hair style. Right cut can entirely change us, face will look slimmer and younger. This is why hair care is so important. Hair oil treatment is a way to take care of their beauty at home. Do not underestimate the power of nature, because thanks to it you can gain quite a lot.

If someone ever dare to tell you that hair care is a waste of time, don't believe him. Hair oil treatment is not time consuming in no way. You lose nothing if before going to sleep you devoid two minutes to rub oil in hair. Nobody is forcing you to do that and you do not need to go for the oiling in the bowl, which in fact takes a bit more time.

Hair oiling can provide a lot of benefits that are easy to observe. Matching right oil with the hair porosity is a key to beautiful and healthy hair. Hair oil will make them smooth, soft, elastic and full of shine. Hair cuticles will seal and that will prevent damages. On top of that, hair stop losing valuable nourishing ingredients.

When it comes to nourishing ingredients, there is a lot more to be said. Hair oils have more EFA - essential fatty acids (saturated or not). Including omega acids. Beside those in hair oils are present vitamins, while the most common is vitamin E (youth) and A, B, C. In many oils are contained trace elements, like zinc, copper and silicon.

The key to hair care success: hair oil treatment

Hair care with oils can take two forms. Either you use pure, natural, unrefined oils (this is the form best for oil due to the high content of valuable ingredients). Or you decide to use drugstore oil mix. These can be enriched with additional ingredients and better composed to provide more effective action.

Natural hair oils are really effective, there is no doubt about it. However, you must be really lucky when choosing one. You must know porosity of your hair, then test effects of various oils. Not in every case, what in theory is good for us, it will in fact work. This is the only drawback of pure oils.

You can save time by buying labelled hair oil. There manufacturer decides for you, as to what oils are appropriate for, e.g. dyed hair or unruly hair. The perfect proportions, combination and additional substances that enrich formula are undoubtedly great qualities of hair oils from prestigious brands. Hair oiling doesn't really have to be a roulette.

The best hair oil lines

Cosmetic manufacturers are outrunning each other in the ideas for use of natural extracts. Not every time these are successful tries. You must know to what you should pay attention to when choosing the brand. Hair oil lines contain at least few products. These are visually similar, but different when it comes to the composition and action. Cosmetic lines are created for needs of all hair types.

Before making a decision about purchase of hair oil, check:

  • the variety of the entire line (how many products are perfect for you),
  • the content of natural oils in the composition (the more, the better),
  • the naturalness of the composition (are the products free of harmful alcohols, silicones),
  • the simplicity of the application (application method should be easy and not take to much time),
  • effectiveness (key of hair oil treatment, i.e. its effects).


Redken – Diamond Oil Line

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KHADI – Ayurvedic Hair Oil Line

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Matrix Biolage – Exquisite Oil Line

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