Nanoil natural beauty oils – cold-pressed, unrefined, organic

What connects six natural oils by Nanoil? They all share a few mutual qualities where the most important one is the high quality – all beauty oils by Nanoil are made up of cold-pressed, unrefined and certified vegetable oils. They don’t contain synthetic colorants, odors, preservatives or silicones. This is the very quality that makes them so indispensable in advanced hair and body care.

The entire collection’s design follows the same style – lovely dark-glass bottles, which shield the precious Nanoil oils against sunlight, are embraced with black-and-gold labels. The applicator that the bottles come with has the form of a glass pipette with a dark wooden cap. The collection looks truly classy and stylish.

nanoil natural beauty oils


For whom?
Perfect for damaged hair that requires regeneration. Also, it can be applied to dry, sensitive and mature skin as well as to brittle fingernails.

Pure Nanoil Argan Oil is one of the most universal, multi-tasking and effective beauty products. It’s 100% cold-pressed and unrefined oil extracted from argan kernels that are certified by Ecocert. Lack of preservatives and synthetic additives makes the oil ideally suitable to be used solo as an alternative to common conditioners, masks or serums.

If you keep using a little Nanoil Argan Oil regularly, then you can expect it to:

  • protect against the sun and high temperature
  • reinforce, regenerate and foster self-renewal processes of skin and hair
  • leave hair soft, smooth and shiny
  • neutralize free radicals and rejuvenate
  • take care of and soothe sun-irritated skin


For whom?
The best for weak, matte and unmanageable hair as well as for delicate/mature skin affected by cellulite and stretch marks.

Almond oil is found indispensable in conditioning delicate skin (including newborns). Also, it serves well as a face serum and as a natural UV filter 5 SPF. Nanoil Almond Oil contains only cold-pressed, unrefined and certified oil extracted from sweet almond nuts, which is incredibly reach in the vitamin of youth (vit. E). When systematically used, Nanoil Almond Oil proves to be a really effective product that:

  • reinforces natural protective barrier of skin
  • takes care of sensitive and irritated skin
  • shields against the sun
  • smooths out, adds shine and softens
  • conditions and significantly rejuvenates


For whom?
Perfect for hair with tendency to split ends, dry and weak as well as skin that is dehydrated, sensitive and wrinkled.

Cold-pressed, unrefined and bearing Ecocert label Avocado Oil by Nanoil is a proven source of seven vitamins, proteins, minerals and squalene. Thanks to this, the oil serves best hair requiring a huge portion of nourishing substances and reinforcement. Furthermore, Avocado Oil can be also applied to skin, e.g. scalp, to expose it to comprehensive care. Nanoil Avocado Oil, if used regularly:

  • efficiently improves the level of hydration
  • is antibacterial and fungicidal
  • has anti-ageing effect, thus it rejuvenates
  • improves hair bounciness
  • restores shine and intensifies hair colour


For whom?
Indispensable oil to boost hair (including eyelashes) growth. Helps combat excessively falling out hair and dandruff. Good at face cleansing.

Nanoil Castor Oil is a truly one-of-a-kind oil that stands out among other similar products. Its density might be a little bit off-putting, especially at the beginning of using. However, it’s worth realizing that, as one of the few, castor oil is water-soluble therefore it’s recommended to be used for OCM blends. It’s a good idea to rub the oil into scalp and keep massaging it for a few minutes if you want to strengthen and thicken hair. Owing to systematic application, Nanoil Castor Oil:

  • has antibacterial and cleansing effects
  • strengthens hair bulbs and speeds up hair growth
  • soothes irritations and deals with dandruff
  • darkens strands and leaves them shiny
  • thickens and fosters regeneration


For whom?
It’s the best oil simply because it’s universal. The oil is suitable for problematic hair that is fast to get frizzy, with tendency to dandruff. Also, it can be applied to oily skin type.

Some people might be surprised after realizing that jojoba oil is similar in structure to sebum secreted by our skin. Owing to this feature, this cold-pressed and unrefined Nanoil Jojoba Oil with proven quality is biocompatibile and conditions both hair and skin equally well. It’s suggested using the oil regularly because just within a few weeks Nanoil Jojoba Oil:

  • limits greasy hair problem
  • reduces dandruff and soothes irritations
  • leaves hair soft, smooth and shiny
  • protects from losing water
  • noticeably beautifies maintaining at the same time good state of hair and skin


For whom?
Suitable for hair that requires nourishment, reinforcement and beautification. Macadamia Oil serves normal, combination and mature skin best.

The biggest asset of Nanoil Macadamia Oil is its formula – not only is the oil entirely extracted from macadamia nuts (cold pressing process, no refining) but also it absorbs so well that it’s called the vanishing oil. The abundance of omega fatty acids (including a rarely occurring omega-7 acid) as well as vitamins and minerals makes that Nanoil Macadamia Oil used for beauty purposes:

  • fosters natural self-renewal processes of skin and hair
  • protects against free radicals
  • improves elasticity and rejuvenates noticeably
  • relieves scalp irritations
  • moisturizes, nourishes and softens


Natural beauty oils by Nanoil mostly differ in composition. Each one holds other type of vegetable oil that displays a different set of properties and action. The quality that connects all the products is the fact that the dark glass always stores unrefined, cold-pressed and certified vegetable oil. Also, no oil contains substances that may cause damage to hair and skin (e.g. preservatives, odors, colorants, silicones, parabens).

Additionally, the oils differ in terms of density, colour and aroma. To demonstrate, each beauty oil by Nanoil has a formula characteristic for an oil that is pressed from a particular plant, yet the differences aren’t huge. All the aromas are neutral and not intensive, the colour of the six oils can be described as golden. Finally, all Nanoil oils are easy to apply because they are lightweight, are absorbed by skin/hair fast, don’t overburden nor leave greasy feel.

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