Matrix Biolage – Exquisite Oil Line

Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil is a line of three hair oils with various dedication. What connects them all is the design, very pleasing to eye. Plastic bottles of Exquisite Oil are slim and convenient, though if these would be narrowed in strategic places, it would limit rick of slipping out hands. Hair oils in three packagings with various colours (gold, pink, brown) are decorated with floral motives adequate to the oil, that is contained in the composition (moringa, tamanu, monoi). Silver and black top with easy pump makes the entire thing really stylish and additionally makes application simpler. Oriental style of Matrix Exquisite Oil is visible at first sight.

matrix-biolage-seria-exquisite-oilEXQUISITE OIL PROTECTIVE TREATMENT

For whom?
Hair oil for all hair types.

Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil Moringa Oil Blend is most of all complex of ingredients for nourishment and strengthening of hair. Protective formula most of all moisturises hair in right level, provides softness and healthy gloss. Hair oil Exquisite Oil Moringa Oil Blend is a cosmetic, that makes work with hair easier as well as their combing and stylisation. Strands become not only visibly softer, but are protected against harmful impact of, e.g. temperature.

It all thanks to the treatment, that combines power of three oils:

  • macadamia oil (Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil),
  • argan oil (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil),
  • moringa oil (Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil).


For whom?
Strengthening hair oil for fine, brittle and weak hair.

Great amount of benefits are ensured to hair by Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil Tamanu Oil Blend, which task is hair strengthening. Light oil perfectly absorbs in hair, so it can influence also hair bulbs. Exquisite Tamanu Oil strengthens fine and brittle hair, but also increase resilience to all sorts of damages. Exquisite Oil Strengthening Treatment moisturises, conditions and ensures gloss thanks to one exotic oil:

  • tamanu oil (Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oil).


For whom?
Softening hair oil for thick hair.

Brown version of Matrix Exquisite Oil Monoi Oil is a conditioning oil for thick hair, that require right approach. There are necessary oils with strong action, that soften unruly and frizzing hair. Exquisite Oil Monoi Oil Blend smoothers hair surface (seals cuticles), what makes stylisation easier. Oil prevents also fly-away hair, makes them elastic and ensures gloss thanks to oil complex:

  • argan oil (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil),
  • coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera Oil),
  • Tahitian Gardenia extract (Gardenia Tahtensis Flower Extract).


Hair oils in Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil Line are one of the lightest products for hair care with natural oils base. Colourless formulas of all Exqusite oils are rather runny, so it is easy to dose them with convenient pump. These do not weight hair down. In this aspect, they do not differ significantly, so in total, can be used on any type of hair.

Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil is a hair oils line, which properties are based on exotic oils. In each product is present one oil (or extract like with Monoi Oil) with main action and additional ingredients. This is the biggest difference. Unfortunately, there are also silicones and alcohols, but less harmful to hair.

The use of Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil is in fact also identical. Hair oil treatment can be used instead of hair conditioners, for example prior to hair wash, but also after as a cosmetic for stylisation. This is yet another advantage of hair oil line – Exquisite Oil from Matrix.