Matrix – Oil Wonders Line

It is impossible to miss out Matrix Oil Wonders. These oils draw attention with their oriental design. Four hair oils were poured into slim bottles made of good quality plastic and equipped in black top holding the convenient atomiser. Nonetheless, the most important in Matrix Oil Wonders is that they present beautifully. Label with patten in drops is a perfect introduction to the hair care experience straight from Egypt, Amazon or India. Pink hibiscus, orange amla or sky blue murmuru – are three conditioning propositions launched as a professional cosmetics, Oil Wonders.

matrix-seria-oil-wondersOIL WONDERS EGYPTIAN HIBISCUS

For whom?
Hair oil for dyed or matte hair.

Matrix Oil Wonders Egyptian Hibiscus is an oil dedicated specially for dyed hair. It provides regeneration and protection (including thermal damages), but also limits washing out of the colour, ensures gloss and prevents matte hair. Hair oil Oil Wonders Egyptian Hibiscus moisturises hair, and that eliminates problem of dryness after colourisation. Smooth, full of shine and intense colour strands are effect of enriching base oil with vegetable extract holding amazing strengthening properties:

  • olive oil (Olea Europaea Oil),
  • hibiscus extract (Hibiscus sabdariffa Extract).


For whom?
Hair oil for damaged, brittle and sensitive hair.

Oil Wonders Indian Amla is oil from Matrix, that will work perfectly for demanding of strengthening and protection hair. Combination of valuable ingredients guarantees the cosmetic’s universality. Oil Wonders Indian Amla ensures hair with restoration, provides softness and gloss, but also smoothers by sealing excessively raised cuticles.

Deep regeneration, condition improvement, complex protection and hydration level control is possible thanks to two key ingredients:

  • olive oil (Olea Europaea Oil),
  • amla extract (Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract).


For whom?
Hair oil for unruly hair.

Creation of perfect hair oil for stylisation is probably impossible, but Matrix Oil Wonders Amazonian Murumuru is one of more universal cosmetics. It works on every hair type, that deal with stylisation problem. The oil in great way moisturises and provides gloss, it additionally makes combing easier, because covers them with delicate, smoothing layer. Smoothing Amazonian Murumuru Matrix Oil Wonders is a great way to obtain straight and smooth hair for a long time. It all is a merit of two key ingredients:

  • olive oil (Olea Europaea Oil),
  • murumuru butter (Astrocaryum Murumuru Seed Butter).


For whom?
Hair oil professional cut for all hair types.

Oil Wonders Sharp Cut Oil is nourishing hair oil, that makes obtaining perfect hair style easier. Matrix Cosmetics are frequently used by hairdressers and hair stylists, and this hair oil is a bow towards them. Sharp Cut Oil is a bi-phase smoothing oil, that helps with haircut. Additional properties like nourishment, hydration and regeneration are effect of enriching Matrix Oil Wonders Sharp Cut with natural oil:

  • argan oil (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil).


Beside original design, hair oils Matrix Oil Wonders have also very pleasing texture. These have not typically oil formula, that could weight hair down. Oil Wonders are quite runny oils, what should be considered an advantage. It is much easier to spray such oil on hair with atomiser. Simplicity of application and possibility of the use on dry and wet hair are undoubtedly strong suit of Oil Wonders.

Matrix Oil Wonders have colourless formulas with intense aromas. To exemplify, Oil Wonders Egyptian Hibiscus smells beautifully, delicate and very floral, spring-like. However, bi-phase (at the same time two coloured) oil Sharp Cut has strongly perfumed scent, that should be associated with good hair salons. Aroma is definitely something that differentiate all oils in this line.

There needs to be said something extra about oils composition. Unfortunately, none of them stands out or surprises with natural formula. Matrix Oil Wonders holds only one oil in the composition (in each case), that was possibly enriched with given extract. Oil Wonders contain large amount of silicones, alcohols and preservatives.